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To make my company's products in the installation, commissioning and operation to maintain good technical state, my company will provide users with various organizational measures and technical measures of service. In order to facilitate users to improve the technical and economic effect of using mechanical products, but also to my company to improve product quality and improve the product structure, and to provide you with more perfect products.
Accordingly, our company has established seven content of technical service:
Information service:
(1) to contact the company users to establish long-term, stable and timely obtain user opinions and requirements for product, guide users correct use and maintenance products.
(2) the installation and debugging services: according to user requirements to the site (or guide users) for product installation debugging.
(3) service: our company service is divided into regular service and regular service. We will according to customer needs, according to the maintenance plan of a product or service items prescribed maintenance categories of services on a regular basis and provide due to an accident in the process of transport and use you need to provide services on a regular basis.
(4) supply services: to provide customers with products according to the requirement of the relevant spare parts and wearing parts.
(5) testing services: I the company has advanced testing equipment, guarantee to provide customers the products through strict inspection, and has a test center, free testing services to customers.
(6) technical literature service: to provide customers with product specifications, operating instructions, maintenance manuals and wearing parts, spare parts design and related technical documents.
(7) service of training: training for the user operations and maintenance personnel. Training content is mainly on working principle of the product, help the user to grasp the operation technology and maintenance of common sense.