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About us
The company research and development, design, mold. Production and marketing in one of the glass fiber reinforced plastic. Manufacture of carbon fiber composites. Mainly in auto parts company specialized in car. With drift team's suppliers around the world. Products 90% exported to the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Britain and other countries. The domestic market demand has also been gradually strong. Establish good relations of cooperation with domestic famous racing team, such as Shanghai team, Beijing team, nanjing team, zhuhai racing team, and other teams. Carbon fiber reinforced resin composite products has been widely used in cars, buses, trucks. Motorcycle. Aviation. High-speed. Wind power blades. Sports equipment. Etc. Various kinds of covering parts.
Declaration of value: new wealth and win-win
Enterprise spirit: collaboration unity coexist altogether
Cooperation to win more business philosophy: the pursuit of value
Manufacturing faith: quality first customer first
On the principle of choose and employ persons: almighty character
Fine management features: standard specification
Team goal: unity and progress innovation Seiko quality Please air create