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Car coating technique and maintenance of your paint

The author:admin source:未知 Release time:2017-11-13 19:45

When you get a new car, the easiest thing to do is paint. Careless rubbing, or careless car washing will damage the paint. General minor abrasions, wounds whitening paint surface. It was scratched on the surface of the paint, but it didn't show the primer, so there was no need to paint it. With wax polish or more than a few wax, the scratch will disappear.
A little scratch. If you can see the color of the primer, please see the scar again. In general, the bumper, rear view mirror and the wheel eyebrow of some cars are engineering plastics, and they won't rust. There is no big problem except ugly. Repair paint owners to see it my request. But if these severe scars appear in other parts of the body, it needs to be painted, otherwise, even if a small breakage, the steel plate will begin to rust, and then, even if the paint is also very difficult to rust.
Paint repair should also select qualified professional spray paint factory. It is impossible to obtain satisfactory paint spray effect without the excellent paint sprayer and no dust-free high temperature baking shop. In addition, to remind you, do not believe that some repair companies advertised the so-called original paint repair, it is impossible. The reason is simple: the original spray painting process is to undergo 200 degrees of high temperature baking. If this process is used to paint the finished car, the car is afraid that no part can afford it. Therefore, the paint used up paint is specialized for low temperature baking, with the original paint is not the same.
Second, the color of the paint is patched before the repair. The reason has been mentioned in the front, according to the length of the use of the vehicle paint has begun to fade, completely dependent on the original car when the color of the paint repair, will produce significant color difference. To match the current color of the vehicle as much as possible, it can only be present. In addition, in order to avoid chromatic aberration as much as possible, even if only a small piece of car body needs paint repair, the maintenance personnel will also be related to the car body all re spray. For example, there is a piece of space on the door that needs to be repaired, so the maintenance factory will always use the anti strip as the boundary and spray the upper half or the lower half of the door. In this way, if there is a small color difference is not easy to see out.
This clever maintenance paint
Not to say that the effect of paint must not be good, but the most perfect condition is a natural factory paint, only in this case can really achieve the whole car without color difference, and manufacturers claimed rust standards. In order to make the original bright visual effect lasting paint, not owners careful maintenance care.
Although the car cost water, but in order to save, with a bucket of water can wash the whole car, not only can not be satisfactory cleaning effect, the paint will cause serious damage of car paint dust flushing due to lack of repeated friction on the body, and it almost with a piece of sandpaper "polished" paint No. If it rains or the ash is thick, don't use wax to mop or cloth to dust. Just wash the car.
In the car wash process, with plenty of water washing the body is undoubtedly necessary, but in many cases, without professional training car wash workers in order to obtain greater flushing power, like to use high-pressure water gun vertical shooting body, in this case, high pressure water is likely to damage the paint.
In view of the current low inventory policy, the new car may come out of the production line for a few days. The baking features, generally for a period of time after the completion of really strong, hard. So, don't rush the waxing of the new car, say it three months later. Three months later, try not to use hard wax.
In addition, most of the new car's paint coat is sprayed with a layer of varnish, paint natural bright, good-looking, but also protect the paint surface. While the glaze, coating is particularly hot on the market propaganda to polished varnish layer as the price, maybe they can give you can bring short-term light, but it is worth?
It sprayed all the most shocking
Unless parked in the garage never go out of the collection of cars, as long as the car is on the road after years of use, inevitable appearance of wear and tear aging. Due to the quality of the vehicle surface is reduced, so the local paint repair or maintenance can not solve the problem. Does it feel like new when you get a new car? The only way to do it is to paint the whole car.
The whole car spray painting is a test technology more patience of life, any lazy or negligence will directly affect the car spray paint effect.
First, by all the details of metaler check body, as the case of modified debugging; electrical inspection and debugging the whole car lights, then remove the sheet metal to the body; also all the external decoration, door handles, glass, signs all removed, and good protection measures to avoid flying car paint contamination. In order to achieve the best spraying effect, metaler to body surface leveling repair, and will completely remove the old paint.
The putty is the whole car spray painting indispensable process, on the putty, grinding, and then putty, grinding again, so repeatedly several times until the body is completely flat until. At the end of the car after the putty can enter the paint room, paint color paint, baking after spraying varnish is also varnish, the component has been removed in advance such as the hood, bumpers and other similar work is also carried out simultaneously. Plastic parts such as bumpers need to be sprayed with plastic primer before painting, and softeners are added to ensure the adhesion and strength of the paint. After all the spraying is carried out on a large scale assembly and debugging, and the painter also to the body surface of the final polishing treatment. After the inspection qualified, the whole vehicle painting renovation work ended. At this time, the car is like a "pass" first day as bright as the new owners